March 13, 2017

Relationship Building


1 in 3 teens report emotional, physical, or sexual violence each year. (SAFE Teen)

More Mid-South youth were physically forced to have sexual intercourse (80%) in 2013 than in 2011. (Centers for Disease Control)

The average age of entry into prostitution for a child victim in the United States is 13-14 years old. (U.S. Department of Justice)

Shelby County has one of the highest human trafficking rates in TN. (Restore Corps.)

Students traumatized by violence have been shown to have lower GPAs, more disciplinary problems, and more school absences. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)



  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Anti-Sex Trafficking Awareness
  • Nurturing Parenting Intervention Program

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