March 10, 2017



For every person that died of suicide, 32 attempted suicide, and 229 thought about. (Centers of Disease Controls)

Lack of access to mental health care and substance abuse treatment increases the risk of suicide. (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)

The attempted suicide rate among MS students is higher than the US average. (Centers for Disease Control)

ANY involvement with bullying behavior may significantly contribute to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that raise the risk of suicide. (Centers for Disease Control)

Health-related factors can lead to poor academic achievement and low work productivity. (Centers for Disease Control)

Obesity costs millions of lives and billions of dollars. (Centers for Disease Control)

Jails are the largest provider for the mentally ill. (National Alliance on Mental Illness)



  • Prevention &  Rehab: Addresses Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, & Stroke
  • Exercise & Nutrition Guidance
  • HIV Psychosocial Supports and Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention


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