September 20, 2016

Le Dujour – About Us

TheLe Dujour H.E.R.O. Village was founded in 2012 by Vachenzia M. McKinney to support over 50,000 at-risk Mid-South families.  In 2014, it became a 501 (c) 3 Le Dujour. With your help,Le Dujour H.E.R.O. Village provides services to help alleviate sufferings related to poverty, lack of shelter, unhealthy relationships, harsh environments, mental illness, suicide, domestic violence, sex abuse, and other issues.

Change the expectations.

Change the environment.

Change the accountability.

Letters of Support

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Brown Missionary Baptist Church

Judge Cary Woods



Le Dujour H.E.R.O. Village is a 501 (c)3 on a mission to help families escape dysfunctional situations by providing shelter,  utilizing it’s educational arm, and to help families escape dysfunctional thinking.

Our aim in providing housing, along with wrap around services and psychosocial supports, is to holistically nurture at-risk youth, teen parents, parents, and families. The nationally award winning team atLe Dujour H.E.R.O. Village have 20 years of experience in Academic Planning, Behavior Modification, Counseling Leadership and Community Outreach.

We empower families with new knowledge, beliefs, strategies, and skills. It takes a village to provide outcomes demonstrating an increase in feelings of safety, self-worth, and self-awareness to develop productive citizens. We invite you to join our village and sponsor a program today. We thank you in advance for your investment.


  1. Help youth and families embrace healthier living:
    • Prevention & Rehab: Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, & Stroke
    • Exercise & Nutrition Guidance
    • HIV Psychological Supports & Teen Pregnancy Prevention
    • Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention
  2. Provide youth and families who may feel the odds are stacked against them with educational and academic support:
    • Improving Discipline
    • STEM Integration
    • Transitioning From Prison to School to Work
    • Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development
    • Maximizing Academic Potential
  3. Decrease the suffering of our youth through relationship building:
    • Child Abuse Prevention
    • Domestic Violence Awareness
    • Anti-Sex Trafficking Awareness
    • Nurturing Parenting Intervention Program
  4. Provide at-risk families with obtainment economics:
    •  Housing Availability & Support
    • Credit & Budgeting Needs
    • Life Insurance Options
    • Balancing Work Home Responsibilities